Tuesday, July 05, 2011

8km gentle track walk

It HOT.....its damn hot!!!!!! and its only 7.30am

We got up and went down to the track. Tammy had a hard session and David and I had 8km gentle. We decided to do all of it on the track as it is so rare for any of us to have company.

Its heating up pretty quickly. It was 19degs when we left home but I can feel it climbing fast. I was alittle concerned that I wouldnt be able to get my shoes on but thank goodness....through the night the swelling had gone down. (yesterday afternoon I noticed that my ankles had ballooned and also my calfs. By night time they were huge and I was having trouble moving my feet at all. So I spent the evening with ice bags and feet elevated and also slept with them up on a pillow.)

Tammy started out as she had 2 x 2km and then 2 x 500m and David and I were to take it easy. Good for me I had David there as he did make sure I took it easy. lol As tammy passed us during her second set of 2km, I wanted to help her so I picked up my pace and paced beside her to keep her going for that last part of it. Plus it gave me a feel for how it will feel for thursday in the heat. My heart rate shot up to 178....which is very very high for me.

We had just finished our 8km and I must admit to being all over the show with my lap scoring lol.....and as Tammy only had her last 500 to complete we walked back up and pushed her for the last 100m. I am pretty sure that like us....it was awesome to have others out there that can push and keep up with you. :)

got home to see it is already 26 degs and climbing....and its 9.00am. So now it is shower time and then we will go and collect our race packs and explore Davis.

8km gentle track walk

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