Saturday, July 02, 2011

3km, 2km & 2 x 500m track

My last workout before I fly out.

I needed this to be a good one for my confidence. Things have not progressed the way I wanted them to in this last week......but then looking back over my race seems I ALWAYS seem to have a drama unfold before a big event. Do I do it subconsciously on purpose????? is it my way of giving myself an out if I fail???? or is it just the stress that I put on my self and so I become way too tense and hence succumb to injury more easily. Well a head cold is a head cold.....doesn't really matter when I got it or why......but I did and yes the timing SUCKED...but it could have been way worse. Today my head is clear and my nose is not so blocked up...........thats GREAT news.....but I am feeling rather thick in my throat and am doing EVERYTHING I can to stop this from going to my chest.........and it is NOT going to go into my chest!!!!!

So after my little melt down earlier this week prior to getting sick................I decided to ease up a little on the track today. I wanted to be 100% sure that I was walking well and legally plus I also didnt want to push my self tooo hard as I was feeling very tired still from the 5km yesterday.

The track was super busy today. They had a soccer game on in the middle and so all the spectators were ringed around the track........WHY oh WHY would they all stand on lane 1 when they can clearly see two race walkers are using it and each time while warming up I had to call out and ask them to move .... by the last warm up lap I slowed and said we were doing time trials and could they please keep this lane free................they were more helpful after that. Even the lady with the wind up toy dog tried hard to keep him under control and not out on the track to trip us up.

My first 3km was hard. I was trying to find a pace that I felt comfortable at and one that I new everything was working properly too. My breathing was on the high side for this and I was starting to get a globby throat. By the time I made it past the 2km mark I was almost going to stop but I pushed through to finish. Then after a 4min recovery I headed out for the 2km ... I was really tired for this part and it felt harder than normal but again once you know you only have one more lap to go it becomes easy again.

Lastly I had 2 x 500m and these were short and sharp but I had little energy left to do anything stunning time wise. It was lovely having Raylene out on the track today and she was hard to catch and pass!!

so my km splits are:
5:25 = 3 km 16:11

5:29 = 2km 10:51

2:35 = 1km 5:14

3km, 2km & 2 x 500m track

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Tammy said...

very nice solid workout despite your cold. you are SO ready! now RELAX ALREADY :)! I will see you in less than 48 hr now :)