Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ARRRHHH head cold!!!!

I dont believe it!!!!

I have been SO careful.  If someone was sick that was nearby I would move away or leave the room.  Paranoid was not the word..  I was so freaked out about getting hurt or sick that I guess it was inevitable that it would happen.

Sure enough - my first was the fall at work and landing on my butt and the second was waking up this morning.....sneezing and then going rapidly down hill from that. With in a couple of hours my nose was a tap and my head was throbbing and I ached all over.

How the hell did I catch this???  GRRRRRR  there was NO way I was doing a 20km today.....some people still walk when they are sick....(I am one of those people) but this time I am more freaked out about becoming sicker.

So here I sit........water bottle to one side of me and a large container of Vit C and Echinacea tablets to the other!!  I have to feel better soon!!!  I have a tough track session on Friday and I really cant go missing that!!!

sorry to whinge and whine................but I feel miserable!!!!!

oh harden up Nyle!!!!

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