Thursday, June 09, 2011

10km out and back - monaco

So far I have missed two workouts......I dont want to miss any speed walks so I am going to do my track walk tomorrow so that left me with what do I do today.

So I decided to do 10km and depending on how it felt I would add in the 2 x 6min bursts of 20km race pace.

Its a mild day...about 14 degs with high cloud so to me it felt a little chilly as there was little sun about. I headed off up the track and took it easy for the first km. Then slowly picked up the pace as I came down the hill. I was feeling good so when I got down on to the flat I pushed a little and picked the pace up for the next km to get in my first 6min burst. I reached the 5km and was pleased to see my time was under I turned and just kept up with a comfortable pace on the way home.

I was careful going up Beatson's Road as that did pull on my hip a little but when I got up on to the track I push harder to fit in the last burst of race pace.

This ended up as one of my quicker walks for this route so I was relieved to see that the accident last week has not taken too much away from me.

total time for the 10km was 1:00:11 with an avg heart rate of 144

10km out and back - monaco

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