Friday, June 17, 2011

10km out and back monaco

Not much to report for this walk. I was to just do a gentle 10km recovery walk.

First up I had a Dr appointment so headed off to that. All is good and had a few little niggles checked over. My biggest concern is my left hand.....I suffered nerve damage from the brachial neuritis that I had 5 years ago...and it would appear that the damage has spread to more fingers in my left hand. Dr seems to to think the waitressing has aggravated it as that plates we carry are very heavy and I stack and carry on my left arm. I have lost alot of strength in that arm. I am hoping it will pass as I really dont want to experience pain like that EVER again.

So once back I headed out to do my walk. It was alittle more brisk today so again I wore my long leggings...took till 3km to warm up feet felt like concrete blocks. lol

I took it nice and easy today and just cruised as I have 20km on the cards for tomorrow and its meant to be raining.....UGH!!! oh well.

so 10km was done in 1:02:17 nice and easy.

10km out and back monaco

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