Thursday, June 16, 2011

10km kick down - monaco

I took a rest day yesterday. That was a little naughty as I was meant to do 15km.....but.......I had woken up with a sore throat and a runny nose that didnt get much better during the day. It didnt get any worse either, which is good. I also got rung in for an early start to my night job which was not going to leave me much time for a walk. So I figured that seeing as I was already tired and not feeling the would be better for me to take a rest day. I am really pleased that I did as I didnt get home until 11pm from work and I was totally shattered by then.

So today I decided I would give the kick down a try. I really dont like these walks. I just cant get my kicks right...I am either starting way too slow and finishing way too fast....or I am all over the show. I was trying to figure out what my splits should be today. I decided to try for 6:00, 5:55, 5:50, 5:45......but i forgot to take my watch off auto lap so it has ready each km....makes it hard to work out my km splits.

I am now trying to wear more layers...not only because it is getting a little cooler here but so that when I warm up ... I over heat! in Sacramento it is going to be around 30 degs most days....and especially for my first race. Today it was only 5degs when I started out but it didnt take long til the sun came out and it warmed up nicely and sure enough...I got hot. First thing I noticed was I didnt feel good today.....I didnt feel right. I had a niggling tummy pain that I couldnt shake or figure out what it was. The further I walked the more it annoyed me. My first km was a little to quick and my second one a little too slow...sighs.....but I carried on. I got the hang of the pace and ticked along in my grove....getting a few toots and waves. By the time I came to the last 2km my tummy was hurting....I had narrowed it down to be my bladder.............and wondered if I might be getting a bladder infection???? so as soon as I got home I made an appointment to go see the dr. So I will get my bloods checked too and check my iron etc.

Any how......I pushed hard for my last two km and just tried to ignore the pain in my tummy.......I managed to pick up the pace and got a good drop for my last kick. From what I can work out here are my kicks.

2.5km - 14:52 avg per km = 5:57
5km - 29:31 avg per km = 5:52
7.5km - 44:11 avg per km = 5:52
10km - 58:31 avg per km = 5:44

Total time for 10km kick down was 58:31 which is my fastest 10km kickdown.

10km kick down - monaco


Tammy said...

by "tooting" you must mean honking from cars? Here tooting means farting LOL! So you can understand my confusion that you were happy about the "tooting" in the newspaper article blog :)!!!!

Nyle said...

LMAO....oh that is just priceless!!!!!

I think I will roar with laughter then next time I get "tooted" at...... hehehehehee

Rob E said...

and here "honking" means to be sick!

Nyle said...

I love the different expressions and slang that is used.....i am going to be giggling away now when I get "honked or tooted" at...hehehehe