Wednesday, June 08, 2011

testing out my hip

Today I was to try and do a 5km walk. I was nervous about this, I was worried I would get so far and that it would start hurting and then I would still have to walk back home.

As it turns out I ended up having my whole day flipped up. I had an interview with the sports reporter that went for over an hour and then I found out that my sports therapy appointment was for 2.15pm today and not Thursday as I had thought. I also had to met the sports photographer at 4pm on the track for some action shots to go with the article for Monday nights paper. Phew it was going to be a busy afternoon.

So I decided to do 4km on the treadmill as at least on the treadmill I could control my speed and keep it low and also I could stop and get off if it hurt. That way I could go to the Sports Therapy and be able to tell her how it felt after training.

The great news............yes it hurt a little for the first couple of km's but then it just stopped and I was able to walk and up my pace a little. I did 4km in 25mins.....nice and slow.

Debs gave my hip the once over and found that the spasm in the back had pulled the hip back out. So we reset my hip and I was given some new exercises to do. I felt great when I left and headed off to met up with the photographer. But I got there with plenty of time to spare. I had a good 40mins so I decided to continue my walk and head up the walk way for 1.5 km and turn back. I wanted to see how it felt after Debs had worked on it. It felt great and I was trying to take it nice and quiet, I kept my pace low and was again surprised to see that it was still under 6min/km pace.....nice. Total time for the 3km was 17:10

I made it back with time to spare before the photographer arrived. Then we spent an hour with me walking back and forth along the walkway while he took a huge amount of photos with different lens and different effects. Giving photos a blur so as to give movement to the photo plus we did some head shots while I chatted to him (he like how animated I am when I talk lol) so at the end of it all I felt rather "rockstar" from it all..

I cant wait for the Monday Nelson Mail to come out.....I just hope they dont alter too much of what I said and make me sound like a dork.

3km out and back - atawhi

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