Friday, June 03, 2011

5 x 800m track

Brrrr......Winter raised its sleepy head today and let us all know that it was lurking. Considering that New Zealand has had its HOTTEST ever May on record it is no surprise that we have not adjusted to the fact that is meant to be winter. Today was 2 degs when I got up to go to work and then got up to a nice balmy 8 degs ... when I left work to head to the track I was just frozen .... going from 20 deg days one day to this the next is just a little much for my girly wee senses.

I was pleased that today's track was just a short but sharp one. I knew it was going to take quite a few laps for me to warm up and be able to even feel my feet let alone move my feet. I did 3 laps to warm up...but it didnt make too much difference, my feet still felt like concrete blocks. So I decided to just get it over with. My first 200m was done in 58sec ...oh I thought....thats nice and quick then I crossed at the first 400 in 2:04...nice I thought. I finished my first 800m in 4:09 and I didn't feel totally exhausted. I was pushing hard and breathing hard...but I felt good. This continued for each of the other 800m's in fact I got quicker and quicker with each one.....probably the fact that I could feel my feet by half way had a lot to do with it.

so here are my 800m splits


total time for 4 km is 20:31 - Now lets see what the coach has to say about it.

5 x 800m track

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Tammy said...

Wow, you are speedy and in fine form! Glad to hear you are feeling so much better :). Those gold medals will be around your neck very soon now!!!!

Hahaha lol about your feet being so cold at 2C. Sorry, can't help it!

It's finally warm here! 27C right now and supposed to maybe get to 30 today! It feels nice and toasty. Hot, actually, and it is a welcome change.