Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7 x 1km track

My first decent speed workout since my fall. I was feeling good when I got to the track until I got out of my car.................it was really windy!!!! so I said a few curses....ok...alot!!!

I was meeting Sharon McDonald today and I was looking forward to having someone on the track to chase and pass and again it proved to me that I need to have more practice with this.

I opened up the rails and did 3 laps to warm up. My feet were a little cold as the wind had a really good nip to it....about 8 degs...(yeah I know Tammy lol) So I started out on my first one ...it was ok but the wind really knocked me up the back straight so I slowed a little knowing it would tire me pretty quickly. I was part way through my second one when sharon arrived so she waited at the finish/start for me. I had a 2min recovery so I was able to explain what I was doing so she said she would just cruse around for 5km. She started ahead of me for me to chase...............and thats exactly what I did. I totally forgot I still have 5 more km reps to do and took off after her making it a crusade to pass her as quickly as I could..........BIG MISTAKE...............I did that km in 5:02................OMG........I was breathing really hard and my legs felt like jelly. The next km felt really hard and it just got tougher and tougher for each km...plus the wind picked up making it hard going when punching into it. BUT this will make me stronger.

I have to say I was really pleased this one was over. It was tough tonight. I had wanted to do each km under 5:20 and I nearly achieved that. Only 1 was over that mark.

Here are my splits


total time for 7km is 36:36

7 x 1km track

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