Sunday, June 05, 2011

OUCH!!! and down I go in a crashing heap.

Friday night and I am at work.  Its a quiet night with a table of 20 deciding to be sitters........(sitters are people that finish up their meals and just sit and chat......until mega late)  Its 10.00pm I had already reset the whole restaurant for breakfast and was now just bumming around waiting for the 20 to leave.  Its really boring, trying hard to find little jobs to keep you busy so I decided that I would clear some of the coffee cups as its 10.30 and I really want to be home by 11pm.  The kitchen hand also wants to go and had been washing flat out out in the kitchen.  I had noticed that the floor was getting really slippery and made a mental note to take it easy when walking through the kitchen.

So I clear this table and head back to the kitchen with an arm load of cups and sauces.  When you enter the kitchen you push the door open with your right hip and roll the door around your butt as it opens and then step in.  As I stepped into the kitchen I placed my right heel and went to step in but my right foot went straight out from under me and down I went in a smashing heap.  Left leg smacked the table leg, left arm hit the napkin bin and the right leg got all twisted under me and I landed full weight on my right hip.

All that could be heard in the restaurant was the smashing of 6 cups and saucers and a very loud "insert swear word here"!!!!!

The Maitre'd came running and the kitchen hand nearly crapped himself.  They all thought I had broken something or was really badly hurt.  I just sat there and asked them to leave me for a bit.  I wanted to slowly move and figure out where it hurt. My biggest concern was my knee. .... but amazingly it was fine.  My shin was hurting lots but it just had a good bruise on it....then my really hurt around the back of my hip.  I got up and limped about for a bit.  I still had to stay at work and wait for this table of 20 to leave.....took them a further half hour before they moved.  So I got home at 11.30 and first thing was to get some ice and put it on my hip.

I woke up and felt much better.....I went to the track to met up with Raylene and Sharon for a track session and I thought I would give 2km a wee nudge to test out my hip.  I did 2km in 11:41 and was pleased with that but I could not have walked any further and on hind-site probably shouldn't have walked it all as I am now very sore to the front of my hip and in my lower back.  So its a phone call to physio on Tuesday and a couple of days off.  Lets just hope its only bruising and nothing more.

30 days to go til Sacramento ... so this really BLOWS!!! I am hoping it will only be a couple of days off and I will be back into it just as strong.....

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Glennis said...

Oh Nyle, that sounds so nasty, you really hurt yourself, I do hope it is soon feeling better.
Take care.