Thursday, June 02, 2011

10km out and back - Atawah

Another gorgeous day in paradise!!!

First stop for the day - Sports Therapy Clinic for Debs to do her thing. I have to say she is a legend!!! She has tweaked me and stretched me in ways I didnt know I could...BUT...the change in my body is amazing. I no longer have sore backs EVER!!!! and now we are working on my glutes so that I can get my hip dipping properly and my walk coming from my butt. But best of all is that she gets it!! She actually understands the dynamics of race-walking, it is so nice to know that if I say this hurts...she instantly knows why and how to combat it. So I cant rave enough about her help.

After our session today I was to do another 10km and again its meant to be at recovery pace. My glutes were feeling a little tender after she had released my pirafomas (yes Jim she even used her Jim she didn't enjoy inflicting pain on me like you did! lol)

I started out and could feel my glutes working or was it just cause they were sore and I could feel them, any how I decided to go out around Atawhai today as its more scenic....but it does feel longer. I was really enjoying my walk. I was listening to my body and every time I heard my watch chirp off the kms I would concentrate on dropping my left hip. I was pleased to note that I could feel it dropping this time and my speed did pick up when I concentrated on tucking bum under and dropping the left hip. I turned at the 5km mark and was surprised to note that the time was 29:22

I was feeling so good and was really enjoying my walk. I know it was meant to be at a slower pace but I was not pushing myself. So I headed back to the car and just kept at a pace that I felt comfortable at. I had no tweaks or pains and was feeling great. I have to say I really enjoyed todays walk. It was even nice and sunny again and temps still around 15 degs.

Total time for todays walk 59:16

10km out and back - Atawahi

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