Friday, June 24, 2011

15 km out and back - monaco

Oh how I enjoyed todays walk! rain, sun shine and about 8 degs. But today it all just came together. I felt great!!

My only niggle was a small knot in the centre of my right hamstring.....its been there for about a week now. I feel it more when I walk normally and as I bend to sit or stand. So I was watchful of it today too.

Today was a recovery walk and meant to be an easy pace as I have a 10km race tomorrow. So I headed out from home and just ticked along....went down Beatsons and out along the walkway. Still just ticking along but feeling very smooth and strong. I was not breathing hard and could have easily talked to some one for most of the I was super surpised to reach 5km in 29:27 and then 10km in 58:45

hmmm time to take check of what I am doing. Again I go mentally over what I am doing. Knees locked - check, head smooth (by shadow) and not bobbing - check, butt tucked - check, rolling over feet - check, butt working - check...............well it all seemed in order. But it was just feeling so easy today. So I put it down to the yummy naughty breakfast brought to me when Shane got home from work at 7.30am.......McDonalds Hotcakes!!!! nom nom nom......

total time for the 15km was 1:29 with avg heart rate of 137

15 km out and back - monaco

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