Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10km with 2 x racepace

I had sports clinic today....things are working well and progressing nicely.

After that I came home, got changed and headed out the door for my 10km. I was to do 2 x 6min race pace bursts. So I picked kms 4 & 5 & 6 for those. But.............always a BUT..............I was feeling awesome and was having trouble pulling my pace back...once I got started I was just feeling great and got into my zone and away I went. My heart rate shows that I was not pushing hard (avg 144)

Today I showed Deb that I was really dipping well on my left side. So I am sure that mastering the dip and working my glutes has really brought on the new found speed.

So today ended up being my fastest 10km time for Beatson Road by 1min 11secs - total time 58:28

10km with 2 x racepace

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