Wednesday, June 01, 2011

10km out and back monaco

Well I am back home and back to reality.

I have 4 weeks left to go and its time to get really serious. I have some minor tweaks to make to my body but these will take time. The biggest being sorting out my glutes and my lower back. Cause I have had this problem for years and years I have one glute bigger than the other (I dont normally do things half arsed!) So physio is really hammering my right glute. Making sure that when I finish a walk that I go direct to the single leg squats that just your glute just starts screaming.

But todays walk was my recovery 10km and I went out and felt great. So I went as fast as my body wanted to. It was a beautiful day and it is so hard to believe it is winter. Even though it was a chilly start to the day it was still 16 degs when I went for my walk.

The Nelson Mail ran the article about me today and I would guess that a few people must have seen it as I had a number of people tooting and clapping and one car even pulled over to say congrats and good work.

So I pushed harder up Beatson's Road and zipped along the walkway to home and was a little surprised to see I had done 1:00:06 ummmm opppppss that was meant to be a tad slower but I did feel great when I was out there.

10km out and back monaco

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