Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Story in Nelson Mail & Photos

Article that was printed in the Nelson Evening Mail - centre back page.

 Early on in the course - passing the drink station and heading away from the start/finish.

Out on the feild - Heather is behind me here so am picking this is around the 10km mark.  I have just crossed the start/finish line and about to turn into the start of the Y of the course.
My medal and my sponsorship shirt.

Here are photos from my awesome weekend away in Melbourne.  Such a great time - Seeing family, racing and sharing my Dad's birthday.  Loved every minute of it and now I turn my full focus to Sacramento and I will make sure that I have a repeat performance at each race!

 Here is my dad and I - Great genes ay...... I swear my Dad has found the fountain of youth!

Here I am having just been awarded my GOLD medal for the W40-44 20km Australian Masters Road Walk

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Sarah said...

That's so cool about the news article! And that's a fabulous picture! Congratulations again!