Saturday, June 18, 2011

20km out and back monaco - RAIN

Wouldnt ya know it........its RAINING!!! and not just light rain...its pouring down. Yuck Yuck Yuck!!! (even a little foot stamp in there too)

I got up and dug out my jacket. First up I had to go for a blood had to be a fasting one so no breakfast or morning coffee for me. I said to the nurse that I had to go out and do a 20km walk but her reply was ...not for at least another hour I hope. Hmmmm I had planned to go direct out from this.....but she said nope, you have to wait at least an hour.
Well ok then, lets hope the weather settles a little before I head out.

11.30am and its still pouring.............POX!! plus I had not eaten anything yet, so I grabbed a teaspoon of honey (it was the only sweet stuff I could think of) put my jacket on and a I went.

The first km heading up the track was pretty takes me a couple of km's to get used to rain.....that awful cold drip as it snakes down under your jacket, your hands almost retract up your arms as they get cold and wet and the slow feeling of water creeping into your shoes. YUCK YUCK YUCK....comes to mind again. Anyhow....I settle into my pace at about 3km and spend most of my time listening to my music and trying hard not to think about the rain. The annoying thing when it rains is that the walkways get flooded really fast. So it didnt take long for huge puddles to form and they are deep so I couldnt walk in I tend to jog through them or jump from shallow spot to shallow spot.

As I passed the 7.5km mark it was sooo tempting to just throw the walk in and turn back to just do 15km......but.......I have not done 20km since slipping over and I only have 2 long walks left before I leave. So it has to be done. About now the rain actually lifted and stopped....arrhhh nice, but it was short lived as by 15km it set in again. By now I was soaked through even under the jacket. I think that jumping through all the puddles I may have landed funny as my right ankle was starting to hurt. So as it was only 3km to home and this is always pretty slow as its all up hill....I just took it easy.

total time for the walk was 2:02:10

Not a bad time for the conditions.

20km out and back monaco - RAIN

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