Friday, June 10, 2011

3,2,1, 500m & 500m track

Its pouring with rain....ugh.....and its about 10degs. I am so not going to enjoy this walk but it has to be done.

My hamstring is still tight and sore in the centre and so I put some antiflam gel on it before I headed out and I pretty much figured I would take it easy on it and stop if it hurt.

I walked around the track unlocking all the barrier arms and decided that for today that can be my warm up. I was already wet and my hands were really cold. I started out on my 3km and for the first km I could feel my hip and my hamstring, but nothing bad enough to warrant me stopping. By 2km I was warmed up and there was no pain. I was feeling tired on my 3rd km and was breathing alittle harder than I liked. But seeing my time gave me a boost of confidence and made me feel alot better. 15:59 for 3km is GREAT!!!

I had my 4 mins recovery break and headed out on my 2km. My legs felt a little more tired this time but I managed to maintain a good steady pace. I then stopped for a 3mins recovery before heading out for the 1km. I couldnt remember if I was meant to do 1 or 2 so I figured that I would just do 1 today as I really didnt want to put too much pressure on my hip and by now I was soaked through and getting cold. I tried to push harder on the 1km but I was feeling pretty tired by now and was able to maintain the km paces for the previous ones.

Now I just had 2 x 500m to go...these hurt as its pretty much a sprint. The track was wet and slippery and I was cold and wet. I just wanted them done!!! I started out and made sure I pushed hard for the last 100m of each one. Mentally trying to push my self each time. In fact I took a word out of a new friends blog post......FOCUS!! I was starting to have negitive thoughts....thinking of ways to shorten my workout and just quit as I was cold and wet.......but then I thought of how Sarah is struggling with the same and tells her self to i gave myself a telling off and focused on the task at hand.

I am really pleased with my splits today......It proves to me I have not lost too much from the fall. The best part of the whole morning...was catching up with a good mate and having a yummy vanilla latte with her in her nice warm office......nothing like having girly time and company.


3km - 15:59
2km - 10:47
1km - 5:23
500m - 2:36
500m - 2:35

total time for the 7km = 37:20

3,2,1, 500m & 500m track

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Sarah said...

Haha! Yes, sometimes you have to give yourself a good telling off, or slap to the face to get back in line!

Great workout. I'm so impressed by your's and Tammy's times.