Thursday, June 23, 2011

10km treadmil

Its raining ... AGAIN!!!

I am so so sick of walking in the heavy rain where the walkways get totally flooded so that it is over my ankles for most of it. I was meant to do 15km but with a sore throat, sinus and a blocked ear...I decided that it was probably not the most ideal weather to be walking in. So I tried to contact my coach but with him out in the whop whop's in America I was unable to reach him. So decision was made. TREADMILL but for only 10km. Plus I put the air con on so that it warmed up the room to give me a feeling for some heat training.

I took it easy and set my pace to 10:00km and started out. I made sure that I concentrated hard on my style and tuck my hips in and made sure I used my glutes. The walk went really well. By 5km I was sweating LOTS and the warm air was getting harder for breathing.

I have decided to find a sauna to use next week.....maybe two or three time. I was planning on doing some star jumps or jogging on the spot while in. I dont breath well in sauna's and with our races being moved now to some of the hottest times of the day I now need to adjust and fast.

10km treadmil

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