Saturday, June 11, 2011

20km out and back - monaco

I was tired today. I wanted to just stay in bed and sleep. But by 10am I was laying there feeling guilty so I got up and got changed. It was overcast and I knew it was going to rain at some stage of the walk.

I was a little nervous about doing 20km today, my hamstring was still pretty tight and I was unsure how my hip would hold up. As I started out up along the walkway I could feel my hamstring pulling so I slowed down and just took my time. Coming down Beatson's Road I made sure I was careful and slow, then I leveled out onto the flat and settled into a steady pace. I felt stodgy and heavy. I was tired and my legs had not recovered yet from my track session.

With only 3 weeks till I fly out for the States, I spent most of this walk just working on arm placement and tucking my butt in so that I was using my glutes??? well I think I was.

As I was nearing the 10km turn around I looked ahead and saw 3 girls standing on the edge of the motor way trying to hitch hike. As I got closer to them I stopped my watch and asked if they were ok. They were foreigners and had a map in hand trying to figure out where they can hitch into the city. So I explained that it was illegal to stop on the motor way and that they needed to walk down the walk way go under the under pass and over to Stoke Main Road...they would get picked up there. I think i was at 8.75km mark so I left them and headed on up to the 10km turn point....about half way up I noticed that my watch had not bleeped for 9km???? bugger, I had not started the darn thing. So I started it there and when I got to the 10km turn point I waited until the watch clicked over to the time I had estimated to have reached 10km in .... 60:45 and it also showed up at 9km in distance. Because I knew it was exactly 10km i was not too worried about the distance on the watch heading back home.

The 10km walk back home was uneventful. I was just tired and so I ticked along and kept checking my style as I went. It just started raining 2km out from home, so I didnt get too wet.

total time for the 20km was 2:03:19 I must admit to being surprised as I felt much slower than that while out walking.

20km out and back - monaco

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Tammy said...

wow, it is getting so close now...I wish so fervently that I had more time to prepare! Still, regardless of anything else I'm going to have fun! :)