Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good Morning Interview

Today I was flown up to be interviewed on a morning television program called Good Morning.  This is a news program that covers cooking, home decorating, kids and general interest items.  Every Wednesday they have a segment called Inspirational Kiwi's and it was on this spot that they put me.

I arrived at 8.30am and was taken down to make up and the lady straightened my hair and touched up a little of my make up.  It was wonderful to be pampered and even though I have not straightened my hair before...the result was nice and I was happy with it.  They had asked me to wear casual wear so I picked a really nice blue long sleeve top that I really like and my new Nike pants that I brought in the States.  Over all it pulled off

Brendon was to interview me and he came and chatted in the make up room.  As it was for inspirational kiwi's,  I was to inspire others to go out and walk and improve them selves.  I was very nervous and as the camera came on me I felt my face go bright red and I had trouble talking for a moment.  Infact I totally forgot what I wanted to say and just babbled about the distances I raced at Sacramento.

The photos they used were aimed more at the general public.  So they picked one of me on the podium and two from my very first Triathlons.  The first photo is of me in the Marlborough Triathlon in Dec 2007 and the second photo is of me in my first event with Jo just behind me in the black shorts and white top.

I liked also how at the end Brendon gave me the scope to plug for a sponsor and I really hope that something comes of it.

I have also noted that I have not posted my videos from the medal ceremony's so please click below to see these.

20km Medal Ceremony

10km Medal Ceremony

5000m Medal Ceremony


Rob said...

Good interview, it came across well. Helps with having a good host as well who understands the event.You seemed very relaxed.
Keep on promoting our sport!

Anthony said...

Wow. Nice job. What about a career on TV if the legs ever give out? You seemed like a natural.

Sarah said...

Wow Nyle, you sound like a natural in that interview! I'm sure you inspired a ton of people who think they can do it too! Good job!