Sunday, August 28, 2011

3km Fartlek

I wish all my fartlek's were this distance! While it was still tough, it was over just as quick as it started.

I met up with my walking group this morning with most of them doing Drills and one doing some interval training.

I warmed up by doing 3 laps of the track and then I started right into it. My first km I was pushing hard and really trying to use my glutes. My legs were tired from the long walks this week and I was breathing hard as I rounded the last corner for the km mark. I hit lap and then slowed for my first 500m recovery. I checked my watch to see what my last lap was and was really surprised to see 4:58 wow!!!

It took pretty much all of the next lap to get my breathing back under control again and then it was off on the next 500m fast section. Its always great having another walker on the track when you do these as you have someone to push after and pass. I was breathing really hard on this section and trying to push and get a fast time again. I hit lap and slowed once again. It was such a great feeling to know I only had 1 more fast section. My legs were really tired now and I was just starting to struggle. I knew I would have to work hard for my last 500m so I made sure I was using good from when I started out on it. I tucked my butt and really worked my glutes hard. 100m to go and I could feel my hamstring starting to pull so I decided not to push any harder than I was.

After I had warmed down, I set up a turn on the track with some cones to practice going around. I was still struggling to go around smoothly and at the same pace. Each time I would slow, I just couldn't get the lean or the speed. Neroli had just finished on the track and came over to offer some advise. She showed me how she got around the cones and WOW she just flew round and with such speed. She told me how she did it - by pushing out (like skating) with your feet - so putting inside foot on the outer of the shoe and the out side foot onto the inner edge of the shoe. I tried it and was much faster and smoother. It will just take a bit of practice.

my splits are :-

1km = 4:58
2km = 2:51 + 2:25 = 5:16
3km = 2:54 + 2:21 = 5:15

total = 15:30

3km Fartlek

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