Thursday, September 01, 2011

10km kick down

My first kick-down for the new training program. I really wanted to do this well. I now how important these are to my long term goal.

I had thought I would really like to get 4 good kicks eg 5:50, 5:40, 5:30 & 5:20

I picked the flat course out and back around Monaco, the only problem with this course is that it can get windy and wouldn't you guess it. I had a full on head wind for the first 5km out. Had I have known I probably would have traveled out to the other end of the walk way and done this in reverse, because it did make it much easier to pick up the pace on the way back with the wind behind me.

My first 2.5km felt very easy and I was finding pushing into the wind and keeping the steady pace was comfortable. I could feel my glutes working and my hamstring was feeling good. No pain at all through the walk. The next 2.5km was not so easy, as I came about to be beside the sea the breeze had picked up and was buffeting me around quite a bit and it was much harder to keep the pace. I turned at 5km and instantly felt the push of the wind. So I had to try hard not to go too fast so that I could still drop for that last kick.

I pushed hard on the last 2.5km and my glutes were starting to fatigue and argue with me. I could feel the pace increase as I tucked and pushed ......but I was still really surprised to see that I finished my 10km kick down in 56:00 that's 1 sec faster than my walk for NZ Road Champs.

so my acutal kicks are as follows:-

2.5 = 14:43 - avg pace = 5:53
2.5 = 14:26 - avg pace = 5:46
2.5 = 13:43 - avg pace = 5:29
2.5 = 13:04 - avg pace = 5:13

so I was not too far off what I had hoped to achieve for this walk.

10km kick down

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