Saturday, September 03, 2011

21km around blenheim

I didnt have to work this weekend and so I picked to head over to Blenheim and catch up with family. Plus they had not seen me since I had returned from USA and were very keen to see my medals. I stopped in at my Grandma's first and she instantly took be down to meet all her friends in the dining hall to show me off with my medals. Mum and Erle arrived later and then we headed out to the Marlborough Club for a drink and some dinner.

I finally made it to my best friend/sisters place at 7pm....first and most important the wine was poured, then kids put to bed and the evening started. We sat up and chatted until 1am - it has been too long since we have done this and something that I must do more often.

I got up at 8am and headed out the door. I was to do 20km today and I thought I would do it along the walk way beside the Taylor River. It was a magical morning, no cloud, sun and no wind. Gorgeous day indeed. I had thought I could walk the complete length but it ended up only being 7km, so I turned back and decided to head back to the big bridge and then turn back and do one more loop around the river. Everything was going well....body was holding together (my back had gone out again due to the drive but it didnt bug me while I was race walking) The walkway starts out as a gravel walk for about 1km and then it is a lovely smooth paved/concrete path - this is the same path used in the Marlborough Marathon. I was really enjoying the walk, there were lots of people about and I even say another fellow walker but he was too far away and across the river to call out to. My legs were feeling good and I was amazed I didnt have a headache but by 11km I had developed a major problem!!! I needed the toilet URGENTLY and there was none to be found anywhere near me on the river bank. I remembered that Brayshaw Park was 1km ahead of me and as it is a tourist spot I hoped they had toilets...and ones that were unlocked. In a rather distressed state I made my way across the road and sure enough......ahead of me was a toilet block. Once that wee crisis was over I was able to head back out and continue my walk.

I headed back up the walkway. I was trying to work out how far I needed to walk before turning and and doing one last loop...knowing I had 1km from the bridge back to Rach's home. I continued back until my watch chirped 16km and then turned back...but it was when I was almost back to the bridge that I realised I had made an error and would still have the km to Rachs house. So I decided to just walk the extra km as a bonus for my coach.

I was totally stunned when I saw my time and I would imagine that the 4 min stop at the 12km mark probably helped towards the fast time as it really was as a rest.

20km was 1:55:22

total time for the 21km is 2:01:03

21km around blenheim

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Tammy said...

this is amazing - you are improving so fast...I'm really happy for you!

thanks for your text today :) :) :) it was sweet ... but my time wasn't really that good at 3.5 min off my PB...sigh....