Thursday, September 22, 2011

12km fartlek

Wow, this breaking a habit by going back to an old habit is hard work....cause now I have to try to forget the old habit just restarted and get back to what I had in the States.

How did it all go so wrong so fast? Because I am an overachiever - give me a goal and I have to do better. So I pushed myself too hard and took advice to literal and bam! All I did was lean alittle to far forward and bingo, there goes everything. I never knew that there was such a FINE line between right and wrong with race walking. There are so many variations of racewalking that are all - right..............but one little tweak and they quickly become WRONG

Right...12km of my longest and I was apprehensive enough with all the other stuff in my head. I also wanted to be careful with pace as 12km was a far way to go.

First km and I felt very robotic. Stiff and chunky and upright. I could see in my shadow that the "racewalker" hips were back, so that means I am dipping but also to much side ways movement. My time was acceptable 5:24 but that was the only fast km. From there on in the wheels fell off so to speak. I was still suffering from a very sore toe. The toe was swollen at the tip and the nail stopped it swelling further. But if you touch the toenail it felt like you did so with a hammer. By 6km, I could see a red stain in the toe box so I stopped briefly to take some water and adjust my sock. I carried on and tried so hard to push and get my rhythm back but I just had no ooommmmppphhhh in me. I could not roll off my foot and push with my toe due to pain. I was pleased this was finally over...more so due to pain in my foot, but also I was really beating myself up again for doing this to myself.

Total Time 1:10:49
My Avg fast 500m was 2:47
My Avg Recovery 500m was 3:10

12km fartlek

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