Monday, September 26, 2011

8km out and back monaco

Lovely spring day. The cold front that was expected never eventuated but there is a stiff breeze out there with a slight chill on it. Sun shining, ducks chasing each other over the estuary .... its doesn't get much better than that.

I only had 8 km for today. I sort of wish I had the quiet week last week when I was struggling so much. But I am slowly pulling my self out of the pity well that I have dug myself.

All racewalkers that read my blog will understand that racewalking is really technical. Its not just about walking or rules. There is a whole raft of technical tweaks that can make you a more effective faster walker or on the flip side of that a faster non legal walker that gets totally into a tangle of bad habits. Well I went the latter and its taken some work and struggling to slowly untangle me back to where we first started tweaking.

I thought I had it yesterday at the track and my coach agreed that it was much better but just had to take it back one more step. Other comments conflicted that advice and it was a tough night for me while I mentally went through each and every step and movement. But I am happy to say that today's walk felt good, slow, but GOOD.

I felt my hips dropping with each step, I drove my knee down low and forward and forced my knees back using my glute to drive the leg back. My next step is to get my roll over my foot back and the push through.........NOT UP!! as I had been doing.

so 8km for 47:33

8km out and back monaco

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