Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3km, 2km, 1km & 2 x 500m

I was really not feeling it today! I have gone back to my poor sleeping again and so have been bone tired during the day. I decided to grab a muffin at morning tea so that I would have some sort of fuel to use for this walk. I got to the track and it was really windy. Oh no, this was not good news. I walked around and unlocked all the barrier arms only to have them blow back across the track by the time I cam round again. A number of times I had to give them a good shove while I was doing the walk.

Today's Forecast

A few showers later. Cold gusty south westerlies. (gusts of 24km) It was about 10 degs but at first I was really cold and so my feet went like concrete blocks and I could feel hard lumps under my toes and in the balls of my feet....ouch....took till nearly 3km til I could use and feel my feet.

I felt awful through this whole workout. I felt like I was flogging a dead horse. The wind was punching across the track so it was a hard grind to come around and up to the start/finish line. Surprisingly my times dont seem to reflex how bad I was feeling. By the 2km segment I was nearly about to throw the whole walk in. I just couldn't get into it at all, I had to keep pushing the barrier arms back and on the corners the wind would push by feet out from under me. But I figured that I wont get faster or better if I quit...so I made myself keep going. Just as I finished my last 500m it started spitting....oh that would have just topped my day off if it had started raining while I was out there.

I cant even say that I am pleased the walk is over. I felt so ugh doing it that even when I got home I was still feeling Ugh. I guess the thought of going out to work in two hours is not really helping my mood much either. So I figured that I have not been taking my iron tablets in a while, so I will start them up again. I also want to get some more black currant powder as I did find that had good results for me.

So my splits are:-
3km = 5:12, 5:16 & 5:15 = 15:43
4 min rest
2km = 5:19 & 5:18 = 10:37
3 min rest
1km = 5:16
2 min rest
500m = 2:32
1 min rest
500m = 2:34

3km, 2km, 1km & 2 x 500m

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Tammy said...

Hey there - so sorry you had a hard workout. You were still much faster than my workout! I had the SAME on on Saturday. But I know you would have liked to be faster. And I know from recent experience just how much a windy workout sucks. Still, you were out there and did the work, and that is what matters.

You need to take your iron tabs every day. I have a pill box (haha like I'm old or something lol!) that I put my iron, calcium, vitamin D, etc. in to make sure I remember to take them every day. It's important!!!

Take care and hang in there. At least it didn't rain on you :).