Monday, September 19, 2011

Style Tweaking at the track

Well after a discouraging week and weekend.  I have returned to the track to attack the basics.

It was really hard to break a bad habit.  Especially when you cant 'see' what it is you are doing or doing wrong.  So after 2km around the track and trying so many different ways to slow down, my calfs had pumped up and started cramping.  I had to stop!

So I got my camera out and started videoing.  I did a 400m catching me at the start and the end.  Then I could see what I was doing wrong.  So I tried to do another 2km but only got 400m out.

So I had a little stamp foot moment on the side of the track.....then tried it again.  This time I did get 2km out but much slower, but style wise felt better...but sort of chunky.

So I got the camera out and went back and forwards .... the harder i tried the worse I got......then finally I think I got it again.

So now to wait for the coach to view it and give me feed back.

But for the first time, I threw in the towel and came home.

track - style tweaking

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