Thursday, September 15, 2011

12km with 2 x 8mins race pace

My mood had picked up a little today but the weather was really testing me. It started raining about an hour before I left to go for my walk. I had the choice of 10km or 12km I have a race on Saturday I opted to do the further distance today, but I am not used of walking the day after a 20km and it hurt.

During my 20km walk I had caught my foot on a large drain cover that goes over the walk way near the motorway. I very nearly face planted the pavement, lucky I got my hands out and my finger tips skimmed the ground and after a couple of large lunges I righted myself. I gave my self the once over for a minute as I continued to walk and nothing hurt at the time so continued on. Today I woke with pain in my left hamstring. I figured this was an off shot of the lunging I did to stay up right. So I was conscious of this during this walk and also another reason why I picked the longer walk today and then will do 10km tomorrow (personally I would prefer not to walk so far before a race....but I trust my coach)

I felt ok while I headed out. I put my long Dunlops on today as I thought it would rain. It didnt and I started over heating by 5km and by 8km realised that Dunlops are not for long walks....I was chaffing and not feeling comfortable at all.

Kms 3 & 4 were my two fast segments and again at km 7 & 8 but I was feeling pretty flat by the time I reached the base of Beatson Road. After a 20km and then this my glutes were fatigued and my legs were like lead. So I just plodded up Beatsons, I had figured I had gotten to 5km in 28:26 and 10km in 58:01 I was doin ok. Once again I had to remind myself that I am training....not racing my last 12km time. That the whole point of today was to do two burst of speed and to get any speed out directly after a 20km I was doing ok.

So I choose not to beat myself up about my time an just walk back up Beatsons.

total time for 12km 1:11:09 avg pace 5:56 avg heart 149

12km with 2 x 8mins race pace

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