Wednesday, September 14, 2011

20km out and back

Guess what........................its WINDY!!! in fact it is more so than yesterday........AARRRGHHHHHH Mother nature is really out to get me and make me crack!!!

I was going to meet up with a good friend and have her jog with me for some of the walk, but she was feeling unwell and opted to pass on it for today....boy did she make the right call.

I had a really strong head wind for the whole 10km out, it was getting tough with leaning slightly forward to punch into the wind. Twice I thought to turn around and swap Fridays walk for this one.

But when I turned back it was sooo good to have the tail wind. I was feeling very tired from the hard slog out and so I just wanted to get home. Nothing mush to tell in this walk other than thank goodness it is over. Now I need to focus on getting my awesome back and my happy hppy mood again.

Total time for 20km is 1:56:46

20km out and back

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Tammy said...

WOW that's fast esp in the wind! You almost beat your PR for 20K, didn't you? You are going to SMASH your PR for 20K in October :) :) :).