Friday, September 23, 2011

5km waimea - vanguard st

I was meant to do 11km today. I went out this morning with a friend but only managed to get 6km done. My toe was just excruciating.

So I came home and put some thought in to this wee problem. I have to do 24km tomorrow and I have to find away to get this done. I have lost SO much fitness and speed at the moment that I just cant afford to miss any workouts.

So I dragged out our lawn mower, threw on my old shoes and mowed our massive lawn. I found that in my old runners, my toe was not as sore. So I went and dug out my old training shoes. They are a heavier shoe but I used to train in them awhile ago. My toe was till tender but no where near as sore as this morning.

Right I am 4km short for my total of the day but the closest loop to home is my old 5km route (I didn't want to go up or down Beatson's Road) So Coach said go out and get back into your style and have some trust you will get it right. The first thing I noticed was how light on my feet I felt again and how smooth and fast it felt. This is an undulating course and not an easy one to figure out styles on as there really is no "flat" section in it. The 2km back home is just slightly up hill and its slightly enough to make it difficult to keep speed up. It was in this section that I could feel myself getting tired and it was a constant battle to keep my style going nice an smoothly. The good news was that I could tell immediately if any thing changed and correct it then and there. So thats progress.

total time for the 6km was 37:07

total time for the 5km was 28:39

5km waimea - vanguard st

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