Thursday, September 29, 2011

12km out an back monaco

Absolutely gorgeous day!! perfect day to go out for a nice relaxing 12km walk. Its 19degs still and nice hot sun shine, arrrhhhh spring weather finally.

Now had I not been suffering from GI cramps all day, I would have really enjoyed this walk. For the last week I have been having GI issues!!! BADLY in fact so badly that for the first two days I thought I had picked up stomach bug. The cramps just buckle your knees and there is little you can do for a moment. Today the guys at work admitted that they too have been suffering from an odd Stomach up set...with just really bad cramps too. So there must be something going around.

What I discovered to day is that when you are suffereing GI Cramps, and your whole lower abdomen feels like there is an acid pit in it......YOU CANT engage your core and so you have ZERO power/speed. I felt like I had two flat tyres out there.

So in the end I just had to go with it and tick along at what every my body was going to let me do.

12km - 1:16:28

12km out an back monaco

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