Saturday, October 01, 2011

5km waimea - vanguard st

I made a choice to alter my training prog today. I was meant to do a 3km fartlek but as I am going out to the track tomorrow and tomorrow is my optional, I decided to do the 3km fartlek then. Saves gas etc

so rather than do nothing today I went out and did 5km around the block. My style is getting ingrained again and I am starting to feel comfortable with it. Now to start putting more power through it.

I have had it confirmed now that there will be the required A grade and B grade judges so my 10,000m track race will go ahead. This means that everyone doing the 3000m will also be judged by NZ top judges, so that will keep everyone legal. :)

time was nothing flash but it felt good. 29:41

5km waimea - vanguard st

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