Thursday, October 20, 2011

5km road race

4pm and I am again back at the track. This time for a 5km Road race. Again the weather is perfect, with high clouds and little breeze. There were lots more faces today. Lots of eager people keen to strike out for 5km. As I walked into to the track I recognised a wiggling butt that was walking in front of me.....Sue Hoskins! she is kindly having us come to stay next weekend. Yay

I stripped down and headed out on to the track for a warm up and did a lap with Neroli and then Pete. I was feeling pretty good and was looking forward to a good race. I knew that there was no chance of recreating the awesome 5km I did for the Nelson Champs but I was hoping to come in close. My style was coming together again and now it was just a matter of trusting it and putting some speed into it. (which I had yet to do)

We all lined up for the race start at 5pm, it was a dodgy start with so many runners and walkers starting together 50m out from a hair pin corner...hmmmm bottle neck!!! Sure enough we all hit that corner, lucky the fastest runners had pulled away but there was still a lot of people milling as we rounded the corner. Then it was full charge along the road way..nice long straight. I passed the 1st km marker in 5:09 and I felt great and even though I was breathing hard I felt strong and my style felt easy. Then in just 500m the wheels fell off and everything changed. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain hit me behind both my knees and in my hamstrings. It was like I had lost all my top gears and was over reving the gear that I was left with. As hard as I tried I just got slower. As we rounded back onto the track at the 2.5km mark Neroli passed me and knew I was in pain. She had seen it all happen and new instantly that my back had gone on me. I tried hard to power up again and managed a few seconds but by now my legs just felt empty and dead. I had nothing left. ZIP NADA! so much for the go hard and have a good blow out!.... I blew out.

I stayed in the race but I had decided that if I get pain in my back i was going to pull out. Lucky my back held together and I finished.

27:44 is not a bad time by any means....but it was not what I was hoping for, so I was disappointed in my self. And here in steps my coach and why I owe him so much. He phones me to see how things have gone and we go over my walk.......he instantly makes me feel better and explains what has happened to me and why and also explains that this happens to them all and to not beat my self up about it. I have booked in for a chiropractor next week and he is positive that with getting my back adjusted and then my psoas reset....that all will be fine and that I will still be fantastic for next weeks 20km Trial race.

5km road race

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Tammy said...

yes, isn't Jim great for times like that? Sorry you didn't get the time you wanted, but you were still plenty FAST and you will only get FASTER when your back is adjusted :) :) :)!