Wednesday, October 12, 2011

15km out and back

After a hard physio session and feeling pretty sore from the spinning, core and stretching from the Womens Activator Series last night. I was not sure how I would go for 15km tonight.

My legs and glutes were pretty stiff and sore, but Debs had given me the ok to test out my back. I was to stop and do back extensions if it started to hurt during the walk.

I started out at an easy pace and went up along the walkway, I was starting to get warm and thought of stopping and taking my long sleeve off. I am very glad I didn't as by 3km it started spitting and by 5km it was raining. The temp started dropping very quickly and I was getting cold. My legs were feeling very heavy but I kept my pace easy and strong.

I am so looking forward to my rest day tomorrow :)

15km out and back

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