Friday, October 21, 2011

8km out an back atawhai

Wow, what a day! After it being cooler yesterday, we get hit with some heat today! Its a VERY windy day but its hot. The weather site says 24 degs and wind at 45km/hr.

I had 8km on my program. I was unsure if my coach wanted me to walk today or not but as he was not online when I checked I figured that I should at least try. I was not sure how I would feel. I have been pretty sore today - behind my knees and shoulders oddly enough. I can feel that my psoas is needing adjusting as it hurts and when I try to do it my self it is just too painful to put enough pressure on it.

I picked the atawhai course as its flat and scenic. There is no where around that is sheltered from the wind here so it didnt matter what course I picked. I started out and took it very easy as I slowly warmed up. The wind was behind and really pushing me along so I slowly increased my speed and felt comfortable enough. I hit the 4km mark and turned straight into the wind. Wow it was strong!!! I was pushing hard and felt like I was going in slow motion. By 6km I was pooped and felt like I had a huge sail attached to me that I was dragging. It was getting harder and harder to racewalk as I almost felt like I needed to lean into the wind and just power walk back.

I did still manage to make it back to the car in under 47:59

But still I felt mentally better in this walk, but still have no power. I cant wait to get to the chiropractor on Tuesday.

8km out an back atawhai

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