Wednesday, October 05, 2011

10km kickdown on the track

I have spent the last few days doing some "mental training" and that has helped me to be alot more positive. I also went back to physio as I have been having odd leg pains and I am told its my glutes aggravating the sciatic nerve. So I know that I am definitely engaging my glutes when I walk now.

Today I met up with Neroli at the track. I was to do a 10km kick down and she decided to just do a straight 10km walk.

We started out together and the first km felt nice and easy. Both of us were pretty much stride for stride so we were both VERY surprised to see that we had done our first km in 5:32 so I instantly slowed up as I had wanted to start at 6:00 per km. So I quickly worked out that if I can average 5:50 for the next 4 km it should put me back at the pace I was hoping to do. Neroli stayed up behind me until about the 5km mark where she very slowed dropped off. She was never too far away from me though.

At 6km I tried to push some pace on. I could feel my glutes working hard and I was pushing through my feet as best I could. My pace did pick up a little but not enough to show a dramatic kick down. The good news from this work out - It gave me a much needed confidence boost. I remained legal the entire way and I felt good and strong.

I took a lap reading at every km so its hard to work out my kicks for 2.5km so it sort of shows up in the 2km readings.

2km - 11:20
4km - 11:40
6km - 11:33
8km - 11:32
10km - 11:23

total time - 57:33

10km kickdown on the track

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