Sunday, October 16, 2011

10km road walk

After a night of celebrating at the hanger party, I had to get up today and do another 10km race. I had already decided that todays race would be at recovery pace and I expected to take about 58mins. There were alot more walkers today as the rest of the races are unjudged so the recreational walkers can now have some competition. Which is great for all the walkers.

I started out and just settled into easy pace. Neroli was walking just ahead of me and I was happy to follow along behind her. Slowly I caught her up and settled in beside her. Roger walked past us and we let him zip along figuring that we would pick him back up later in the race. We held a nice and steady pace and chatted from time to time as we raced along by the estary. We had headed out on my training ground so I know the track well. We turned at the 5km point and headed back, slowly we gained on Roger and passed him at the 6km marker.

When we hit the 9km marker I decided to push a little bit for the last km. My back was still feeling pretty sore but my legs were feeling ok at the moment. I focused on staying up right and using my glutes to power on and used the advice of the judges - keeping my toes up to help with my left leg. I pulled away from neroli and entered the track to come along to the finish and was surprised to cross in 57:16

I stayed on to cheer in all my walkers and was so so proud of them all. Neroli and I walked back over to the convection centre and I managed to get a very quick massage on my back and behind my right knee. Then we made our way back for the medals. I stayed on and chatted to many walkers. Raylene and I were chatting about the half marathon this coming weekend and she mentioned she didnt think she could walk another 10km and asked if I would like to do 5km and enter with their team. So as they need 4 we asked Maree to join in to. So I have a 5km race this thursday and now I am racing on Saturday but only 5km.

10km road walk

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