Monday, October 24, 2011

10km out an back atawhai

Gosh what an exciting walk this turned out to be.

It is a long weekend for us. Labour Day and its a gorgeous day!!! Picture perfect to be exact. I got my sleep in and then decided that I really should go do the walk now as its going to get pretty hot today. So at 9.30am I drove down to the Park where I start this walk - Its nice and flat and follows the sea.

I started out and at 2km was feeling very BLAAAA, my legs felt numb and jelly like. I wondered if I was going to even be able to keep up an easy pace I felt so empty....but I focused on my technique and visualized my glutes working with each stride and pictured how I want to be walking and before I knew it, 5km was right there and it was turn around time. 29:02 well thats not so bad I figured.

I had just passed the 6km marker when I noticed that a car had just suddenly stopped about 500m up from me in the middle of the road and other cars were braking heavy to avoid collision (its 100km speed on this part of the road) the cars all started up again and I carried on. Next thing there was a screaming of brakes and smoke from tyres and a large BANG! as this happened I notice a police car was driving past (in the opp direction) so I quickly started waving my arms in the hope he would look in his rear mirror and see me.....which he did. The police officer turned around and could clearly see then why I had caught his attention. Up a head were two cars - both towing trailers, pulled over to the side of the road with black skid marks on the road and wee bit of glass.

(if you look at my data and look at my heart will see the big spike in my heart rate - must have been the adrenaline shot! ) lol So I ran up the road quickly to see that no one was hurt and to offer any assistance if needed. As I got closer to the scene it became apparent what had caused all the cars to suddenly brake and stop or swerve .......7 baby ducklings were trying to cross the Main Road to get to their very distressed Mum. It was heart breaking to watch as there was nothing we could do to help .... not worth getting hit by a car ourselves and then we would probably get them across only for them to return back later that day.

So I left the police officer to deal with the drivers and headed off. Funny thing, now I was feeling great. My body felt nice and strong and I could feel myself slotting into a nice strong pace. I started thinking that this is how I would like my second 10km to go next weekend...I would be very very happy if it did pace out like todays walk.

Total time for 10km was 57:54 ................hmmm perhaps I need someone to give me one hell of a good scare in the middle of long distance walks....get that adrenaline shot to the heart!! lol

10km out an back atawhai

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