Monday, October 03, 2011

15km out and back - pouring rain

15km today - its is pouring - torrential rain!!!

The walkways are heavily flooded with many closed. I opted to do my normal walk but as I neared my 4km marker the walk way was mid calf deep in water for about 200m and then again about a km past that point. I was tired and had zero energy. I felt like I had lead in my legs. I was not breathing hard and no matter how many times I would try to power on I just couldnt. It is one of my slowest walks in a LONG time.

I guess the fact that my shoes were totally soaked - feeling like they weighed a good kg or more each, didnt help my speed. I am still taking migraine medicine so its also likely that this effects me dramatically. So time for blood test at the dr and I can hope that it is just a lacking of iron problem.


15km out and back - pouring rain

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