Sunday, October 02, 2011

3 km fartlek

Its pouring with rain and I have a migraine. Thank goodness for Maxalts!!! dosing up heavy on painkillers during the night meant that I would be able to manage the fartlek.

I knew that most of the walkers that met on Sundays would not come down in this kind of weather, but Andrea is just as addicted to exercise as me ... so she came down and did a 3km walk too.

Once we had walked around and unlocked the rails the rain had eased. In fact it actually stopped just long enough for us to take jackets off and compete the walk. I had intended to do the 3km fartlek and then carry on at an easy pace and finish for 10km. But my head was just hurting too much by the time I had finished.

I am pleased with the fartlek. It has made me realize just how much fitness I have lost, but fitness will come back. I was pushing hard today - funny enough my heart rate doesn't show it, but my breathing sure did. I was fair gasping on the first km and then just couldn't pick the pace back up again for the next two fast sections. But considering as I was pretty drugged up on pain medicine, I am ok with it.


2:57 + 2:39 = 5:36

2:58 + 2:37 = 5:36

total time 16:28

3 km fartlek

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