Tuesday, October 18, 2011

16km out an back monaco

Its a clear sunny day - approx 15degs - but its windy. 20 - 25 km/hr gusts. I knew that once I get around to Monaco that there would be no shelter and I would get knocked around but there are really no spots around town to do a 16km walk that wont have the same issues. So it was time to suck it up and head out.

I felt good for the first 3km, just ticking along at about 5:50 pace and feeling good. Not really sure when I noticed it but behind my left knee started hurting and not long after the same behind my right knee. Gosh I haven't felt that pain for years. I took note of how I was walking and everything seemed fine. I had just been at the physio and had my back and glutes seen to. I know my physio is concerned about my back and feels that I am pushing it pretty hard and is worried it will all go 'bang' pretty quick.

I know how important it is to get a distance walk out this week so I kept going and hoped it will come right. I went through 5km at 29:26 and was not overly happy with that. I turned at the 8km mark in 47:15 - which was better but not by much. I then turned to come home and went head to head with the wind. Its funny how you dont notice it so much when its behind you but man when its a head on......not much fun. I pushed hard and tried to keep my pace up but the harder I tried to push the more it hurt behind my knees and now also in the small of my back. This was not so good. There was little I could do but settle with what pace my body would let me do. I went through 10km in 59:54 and knew I was slowly losing any gain I had made earlier. It was now the up hill part of the walk home so now choice now but to just grind it home.

total time for 16km was 1:38:22

16km out an back monaco

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