Saturday, October 22, 2011

leg 3 - half marathon

Today I joined in with a team - my group of walkers that I have been coaching. It is the Waimea Half Marathon and the relay went around the old course which is a 4 loop of rabbit island. The Half Marathon course has been changed to make it a two loop - but it was unliked by walkers. It was more a cross country course with sand, pot holes and gravel to pick through.

Andrea had entered the Half and was the only one missing from our group for the team.

I was given lap 3 which is 5.4km long. We cheered off Sharon and she headed off on lap 1. The drizzle had set back in again but it wasnt too cold. Everyone huddled under umbrella's and cheered. We had guessed what time she would be in by and man she rocketed in way sooner than we expected. Such a fast transition....and then it was Maree. She rocketed off for her 5.4km lap. We got video and photos as she went around the loop and back past us again. Next up was me and we watched out for Maree - as we were wearing pink we were pretty easy to spot.

Maree rounded the corner and zoomed her way to me and tag! turn....I was very aware of my back and hamstring and so took it a little slower than I normally do and picking up the pace a little for the 2nd km. My form felt good but I was breathing heavier than I like - specially compared to my heart rate. I got passed by Stu (a runner) at about the 3.5km mark so I tried to pick up my pace and chase him. But he slowly pulled away and made some ground on me. Even though it was only 5.4km I was really pleased I was not doing more or the half......I was pretty much over racing at the moment. I pushed hard to finish and tag Raylene and sent her off on her leg.

We then all gathered on the finish to watch everyone come through. Wendy was first walker home in 2:4:52 and Neroli was not too far beind in 2:10

While we were watching the finish we all noticed a runner wobbling from side to side as he ran to the finish.....stumbling, his legs started to buckle about 10m from the finish. Thank god the guys on the side were watching and reacted as fast as they did, with John jumping the tape and rushing to his side to help him across and then on to the medic tent. As they crossed over I called out to get the medic and to warn him that he was needed....NO ONE could find the medic???? turns out he was sitting in the front of the ambulance reading a paper and not even paying any attention to the race. He wandered over and was clearly out his deapth of knowledge with on lookers taking over the care of Hugh. Just as Hugh started to settle another runner went down on the finish line. This time he hit the road and rolled off to the grass. Again I called for the medic who was looking bewildered and like a possum caught in headlights. Three men picked this guy up and dragged him over to the ambulance where the medic got them to sit the guy in a chair. I decided to stay close and watch over this guy as he reminded me of how I was when I crossed the line. I was horrified when I saw him being fed Red water was given. Then when I looked back people were giving this guy banana's and he was clearly unable to chew or swollow....he was gray in colour, eyes shut and then he start making odd faces and hallucinating. It was here that I stepped in. The medic was not watching either patient but was talking to some kids away from the area. I went over and said that I dont think they should be giving him any food or poweraid....and thankfully both women stopped, just as he started convulsing and gagging....I called again to the usless medic and told him what was happening and this guy was like...yeah yeah ..he will be ok. I got some more guys to help me and we got this guy out of the chair and on to the ground. He was vomiting and choking by now. The medic comes over to assist and ends up laying him on his stomach face first in his vomit. PEACHY!!!! Finally we get a board out of the ambulance and get this guy into the medivac ambulance. By now I was very concerned for this chap and I ran off to find the women in charge and informed her that an ambulance with real medics/paramedics needs to be called.....urgently. Thankfully she did. Ambulance arrived and transported the chap to the hospital and we were told later at prize giving that he had recovered and was doing ok. I think for future years, the club needs to pay a little extra and get St John staff at the event instead of pretend play medics that only know how to put on a plaster. This medivac ambulance was not equipped for todays event.

But other than that last little drama, the event was awesome fun. We had a blast.

so I did 5.4km in 30:03

leg 3 - half marathon

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Anonymous said...

Nyle I spoke to a friend before that works in the medical industry here in Nelson. She said that, that guy is a "cowboy" and never to use him again. It didn't surprise her at all. Very sad. She also said that you need to write everything down and report him. He should not be in that profession!! Kerry said that when his Mum worked for the ambulance service she was forever training. Maree