Monday, October 17, 2011

Maximus Graham Wells

Introducing the newest member of our family.  My absolutely gorgeous Grandson - Maximus Graham Wells, born via caesarean at 8:54am on 17 October.  Weighing in at a very healthy 10lb!

He is the sweetest wee boy and is a good blend of both his Mum and Dad.  His big Sister Katie-May got to met him later that day and I am sure the two will be fast friends.

I am flying over to Cairns on 1st November to met this wee man and to catch up with my Girls and Grand daughter, who I have missed terribly.  I can already feel how hard it is going to be when it is time to come home.

So be warned folks......this blog will become over run again with GRAND CHILDREN posts.....  :)


Glennis said...

He is so sweet, wish I was going over with you to meet him.

Tammy said...

He's absolutely beautiful :) :) :)!