Saturday, October 08, 2011

3km, 2km & 3 x 1km track

Woke up to a gorgeous day! I raced down to the track at 10am as I wanted to get this one out of the way. I have my best mate coming over to visit today.

I got to the track and it was really busy down there. One week till South Island Games and so everyone is out getting in that last minute training.

My back has been hurting again and once more leaving me with burning feet. Sitting in a plane just doesn't agree with me and I end up really hurting for a few days after. I wanted to put out a good track session today and the first 3km felt good, the second burst of 2km didn't. For the first time my back started hurting during the walk and the pain in my feet came on too. I was struggling on my last lap. So when I was recovering I dropped to the grass and did my back extensions, hoping that would help. I continued on and completed the next 3 x 1km's but never felt comfortable during them and my back just hurt more and more. I was pleased when it was over and I could head for home. So I am back to sitting up right in the office chair or laying on the floor. I have one week to sort this and I will!

So here are my splits:-
5:18, 5:24 + 5:27 = 16:09

5:32 + 5:33 = 11:05

3 x 1km

3km, 2km & 3 x 1km track

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