Friday, September 09, 2011

5km farltek

Well this was meant to be a 10km Fartlek, but due to me entering a radio promotion and pulling my got shorten to 5km.

I woke today and was really not feeling it. I had a headache and a runny nose again. I am thinking it is hayfever based as its been like this on and off this week and the pollen levels around here and at the track are huge!! But even though I was not feeling the greatest I knew I could push out a 5km as its all over in under 30mins!! just had to suck it up and get on with it.

It had been raining this morning but thankfully it cleared by the time I had finished with appointments in town. I got to the track at 11am and it was warming up nicely. Infact after I had warmed up I decided to take my long sleeve off as I knew I would heat up pretty quick. I think it was about 15degs....just nice. There were more construction guys today.....they are in a hurry to finish the big pavilion so that it is ready for the South Island Masters Games in about 6 weeks. I would say they are over 3/4 of the way there and its looking great. So today I had extra shovel leaner's to watch me as I came round in front of the Pavilion.

I hit out and felt that I was being conservative in my effort. Even though its only 5km I do tend to go all gun hoe on the first km. So finishing the first one in 5:05 I was a bit worried that I had done just the latter again. It did amuse me as I rounded the 2nd lap on of the shovel leaner's called out.....are you sure you're not running? I gave him the thumbs up and I was surprised to come round on my recovery lap to hear one of the regular workers explaining to him the basics of racewalking.....hmmm so do they take notice then .. lol

I pushed hard for the next fast 500m, my hamstring was feeling better and by now was feeling like a bruised muscle. I was breathing pretty hard and knew I was at the top end of how fast I could go. I was concentrating hard on leaving my back foot behind me and rolling off the toes plus using my glutes to push through. My head was starting to hurt and the lack of breakfast was starting to have its effect on my muscles. I was starting to fatigue quite quickly.

On the last 500m fast session I pushed extra hard and really worked my glutes through the last 100m. I was relieved it was over, I was tired and my legs were feeling dead. I am very glad it was not a 10km fartlek today.

1km = 5:04
2km = 2:53 + 2:26 = 5:19
3km = 2:56 + 2:25 = 5:21
4km = 3:01 + 2:25 = 5:26
5km = 3:01 + 2:24 = 5:25

Total time = 26:40

5km farltek

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Tammy said...

as usual, you rocked your workout! hope you are feeling better soon and that you get the job you want :) :) :)