Saturday, September 17, 2011

Queen Charlotte Relay - Leg 3

The Princess Warriors all turned up at 8am...decked out in PINK!!! we loaded into my car and headed across the hill to Picton. I had hoped to catch up with my Mum but her services were unexpectedly needed else where, but she kindly let us use the house and even left out chocky biscuits - all the girls say Yummo and TA heaps!!! We decked our faces with swirls and dots while we waited til it was time to head down to the race start.

Race start was 11.30 -
Lap 1: Picton to Wedge Point. 5,100 metres (Undulating, then steady climb)
Maree was first up. Maree would like to dispute this description!!!! she always thought undulating meant there was some down hill!!! She powered up that hill and really kept the pressure on Ross from the other Nelson Walking team. While we were all waiting at the top of the hill for her and ross, we were standing by hives of bees...and sure enough someone got stung. Poor Sue (Ross's Wife) got stung in the temple, it was lucky that her team mate Wendy had an ice pack on hand. Ross popped up first and then about 4mins behind him up pops Maree in 37:26  - below is Maree 3km into her leg

Lap 2: Wedge Point to Momorangi Bay. 8,600 metres (Downhill, then undulating)
Andrea was up for this leg. After watching Wendy change over from Pete and power off down the hill like a cut cat, Andrea knew the chase was on! and boy what a chase she gave. Each time we drove past we would cheer and clap and call out encouragement. I think our team would have won the prize for the best supporters as we seemed to be the only ones calling and cheering the others on, whether they were in front of us or behind us. Other cars just drove past us in silence??? this was a fun event so we just got right into it. Andrea was really putting the pace on coming down the hills but sadly couldnt gain any ground on Wendy. At the next change over point we watched Pete lining up and take the batten from Wendy. So I had Pete to chase! Andrea was not too far behind about 10mins she came roaring down that hill to finish her leg in 51:47
below is Andrea about 6km into her leg.

Lap 3: Momorangi Bay to Linkwater. 8,100 metres (Fast and Flat)
This was my leg. I grabbed the batten hit my watch and was off. Fast and flat my arse!!!! first up for me was a hill, I had 20m of flat and then round a corner and up!!! I hate UP!! I knew I was being watched like a hawk by the other team and so made sure that everything was perfect. 1km into it and the hill leveled and came down again, then it did level out on to the flat and reminded me why I really dont like this leg much. Long LONG boring straights. I heard my car coming up behind me and everyone tooted and called out. Man it was nice to hear the encouragement as I was not feeling that energetic today. I knew that fast 10km yesterday had been at the cost of a really fast time today. But so be it. The camber of the road made it a little awkward to get your legs perfect each and every step and there was a sharp drop off to the right for most of the leg. I couldnt believe it when a car supporting a running team drove past, stopped and backed up to me...just to say "you look like you are running!" Nope I called out and they went on their merry way again. The girls had pulled over again and were filming me and cheering out as I past them again. On the last straight I looked up and I could see Pete ahead of me. Wow he has to be less than a km away. So I knew I had gained some time back. I came up to the batten exhange with Sharon on the ready. She took the batten and was off after Sue. I finished my leg in 43;11  Below is me in the middle of my leg

Lap 4: Linkwater to Moenui. 6,200 metres (Undulating, then a steady climb)
yep Sharon would agree with this description but would say it was steeper than a steady climb. We all knew she would catch Sue, it was just where and when. How far up the hill would it be. We were all getting so excited as this race had taken quite the turn. When we found out the others had formed a team, we pretty much said...yeah they have got it in the bag. But, we tactically placed our walkers to their best suited gait...not speed or pace. We would pass sharon and call out, take photos and video and then head to the next pullin. We continued this for as far as we were able. The last stop we made Sharon was about 20m behind Sue and had 2km to go. We drove up to the top at the last hand over point. Raylene was feeling so nervous, the pressure was starting to pull at her. We all had said right from the start...this is a FUN event and so long as we have FUN who cares where we place. But I think everyone was thinking that we had a chance to actually win this. But could Raylene hold off Roger (Wendys father) Sure enough Sharon popped up at the top first doing her leg in 45:04 Passing the batten to Raylene who headed off down the hill to the finish. Sure enough Sue popped up but we only had a 2 min lead on them.
Below is Sharon blasting through her leg.

Lap 5: Moenui to Havelock 6,650 metres (Steady rise, then sharp downhill and then undulating)
Raylene was off. Pushing hard to try and make some ground over Roger while she had the advantage of the downhill while she was still fresh. We went past her and cheered her along, stopping as often as we could. Her style has improved so much and it was so awesome to watch her really stretching out. The other team pulled in behind us and Pete was taking photos. I think the photo he got of Raylene was the shot of the day. The perfect photo that all racewalkers like to get - point to point and perfect arms. But Roger was right behind her and there was 3km to go. Roger managed to get past Raylene on the long down hill section just before you cross the bridge and head up to the Main Road and turn into Havelock. We drove on and went to the finish line and waited for Raylene to finish. Roger rounded the corner and crossed the line (team time of 3:37:??) About a minute of two later up pops Raylene. Wahooooo she pushes up the last little hill to cross the line. Her time for the last leg was 42:13 giving us a team time of 3:39:43
below is Raylene bringing it home on her leg.

We were all thrilled. We had all had so much fun and had laughed and chatted the whole way over and the whole way home. For as much as I said I wouldnt do it again........a few hours later and wine in hand......................why not...... hell yes I will do it again with the girls!!!

The Warrior Princess's

Queen Charlotte Relay - Leg 3

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Great day that we all enjoyed thanks to the girls.