Friday, September 16, 2011

10km out and back NEW PB!!

This is what happens when you get EVERYTHING right!

Last night I made a huge Steak Casserole for dinner. It was soooo good that I ended up having 3 huge helpings, infact I finished it off. What a big piggy wiggy I felt. Then having a good nights sleep and getting in some food before my walk.

All this week I have been feeling out of sorts, not concentrating on my walking and letting negative thoughts invade my mind. Which was reflected in my training and became a vicious circle.

I knew I had to do 10km today and I had woken with a better attitude. First thing to life my mood was a phone call from Al Columbus from Fresh Fm to interview me about my nomination with Next magazine and no sooner had I hung up the phone went again with Mainland TV wanting to talk to me. So I went up and had 20min interview with them about my walking and also Next magazine. They were so taken with my race walking and up coming events that they are keen to do more on me. Who knows...I may end up working in Television yet!!! So this all set me up in a FANTASTIC mood and I found my AWESOME again.

now back to the walk. The rain had just stopped and the sun popped out...but it was windy again (sheltered where I started but fierce out at the 4km - 5km mark) I started up along the track and was concentrating on pushing hard from behind and using my glutes and actually did the fastest km split for up along the track. I continued to push hard as I went down Beatson Road and out over the over pass. I crossed the main road with out needing to stop and pushed hard out towards Monaco. It was this 1.5km section that I hit the fierce head wind. It was very hard pushing into it and keeping my pace up. I was still feeling great and strong. I was breathing hard and pushing hard. I turned at 5km in 27:08 (I lost time punching into the hard wind)

Now on the homeward bound and I decided to really start to push. Making sure I was using good style. I could feel my glutes working hard and I concentrated hard on leaving my foot behind me longer and pushing hard off the toes. It felt very fluid and smooth today and very fast. I pushed hard up over the overpass again - forcing myself to push and keep going. The last 3km are the hardest in this course. the 7th km is a long slow up hill (a gain of 31m) but it always feels harder than going up Beatsons which is a 40m gain. Out on the top of Beatson's and it is a 1km down hill to home. I really pushed hard down here getting my fastest ever km split out .... it is down hill so it should be very fast.

I hit the stop on my watch and just stared at it. Jumped up and gave a little wahoooo!!! I have just redeemed my self to my self and to my coach.

I know I was at my top end for pace - pretty much race pace for most of this walk - so in a race I would expect to get this time or a tad under it.

So time for my 10km is 54:24 for an avg pace of 5:26 and avg heart rate of 152

10km out and back

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