Monday, September 05, 2011

3 x 2km track

I felt tired today. I had a busy morning at work, had missed smoko (morning coffee) and was feeling the effects of not having my coffee.

I really didnt feel like doing this workout. I was just thankful it was only 6km in total. I warmed up by doing 3 laps, chatting to Sharon on the last couple of laps. She was going to a short speed workout and so I would have her to catch and pass - which helps alot.

I started out and decided to take it easy, not to push too hard for the first km and just ease into it. Which worked and I progressively got faster and faster for each km after that. I know that the 3mins rest between each split felt GREAT!!! My body held together well today and I felt smooth and strong for the whole workout.

5:09 + 5:02 = 10:11
5:06 + 5:02 = 10:08
5:02 + 4:59 = 10:01

I think my coach will be pleased with those times. 36:27 for 6km plus includes 2 x 3min rest pretty good in my book.

3 x 2km track

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Tammy said...

absolutely incredible...I know Jim will be impressed with those times - you are so amazing!!!!!