Saturday, September 10, 2011

25km out and back monaco

I was nervous about today's walk. It is the furthest I have ever walked and I was on day two of a migraine. I got up and had a big drink plus took a Maxalt, then I waited for about 20mins for the medicine to work. I also figured I would need to take some water with me, but unfortunatly the last time I used the waist camel pack it had not been stored properly and I just couldnt clean the bladder out. It was like the rubber had perished inside it. So I found a small bottle and just put that inside the waist bag and also tucked my cell phone in aswell.......just in case my body gave out I could call home.

Its about 10degs and over cast truth, the best weather possible as I wont get too hot. I headed out and felt really good. I hit 5km in just over 28mins. From here I veered off and went around Monaco but it was only 4km extra...not 5km as I had hoped. So I knew I had to go further at either the next 5km leg or carry on past home at the end. I stopped briefly at 8km to get a short drink and then carried on. I went through 10km in 58:02 and did wonder if I was going way too fast, but the pace felt easy and I still felt strong. I figured that I could carry on past the 15km mark and turn after 500m but I ran out of walkway and had to turn back sooner. At about 18km I was starting to feel alittle sore and tired, so I had a little pep talk to myself to keep going. I made another small detor just before the 20km point so that it would give me my normal 5km to home. I was surprised to see my 20km time was the same as last weekend when I walked in Blenheim 1:55:10 but I knew that the next 5km would be harder and slower as it was up hill for 2.5km of the 5km home.

Going up Beatson's Road was hard. My legs were dead and my back was hurting. I had slowed to a power walk and by the time I was at the top of Beatson's, I was just normal walking. 1 km to was hard to get my legs moving again but I must admit home never looked so good.

25km total time 2:25:47 avg pace of 5:49per km

As I walked the last 100m to home I pondered how on earth Tammy does this on a regular basis and it also gave me a better understanding of what I was asking Andrea to do when I increased her distance's up to 25km.................its hard work!!!!

25km out and back monaco


Tammy said...

well, I certainly don't do it as FAST as you do! well done, Nyle! I barely do 6:15 on a good day for 25K, and this year leading up to the marathon it's been more like 6:20, not 5:49 like you did! I didn't even do 5:49 for my 8K fartlek (it was 5:52). Sooooooo, I think you did incredibly awesome!!!!!!!!!! And it hasn't been that hot here lately - yeah, for my 32K here it was hot (22-25C and humid?) but it's been cooler of late, maybe more like 17-18C.

Terri Grimmett said...

I am in awe of the speed you are able to do in training. I suggest you try taking a gel at about 12 - 15 km. It will probably give a big boost to help you through those last 5 km. I have experienced this in a number of half marathons after taking the gel just after half way.

I prefer the cappacino flavoured Peak Fuel which you don't need to have a lot of water with and it is in a tube with a lid.