Saturday, September 24, 2011

21km out and back

This was meant to be 5km I knew I was in trouble. I had NOTHING in my legs. I was getting more and more confused and more and more frustrated.

Every time I felt something was not quite right I would stop and start again. I took a camel pack with me today and made sure that I took a drink. I would start again and feel nice and fluid and then after a km or two would start doubting myself.

I got out to the Main Road and decided to turn back. I honestly didnt feel I could complete 24km. As was on my return home I was still stop and starting. I think for about a km or two I felt ok...the rest ... well I just dont know. By 18km both toes were throbbing. I had planned on carring on past home to get in another couple of km but when I hit 21km out side the house...I was done. I was totally knackered!!! My glutes were totally fatigued and I was getting mentally tided in knots. So I figured that I felt good for that last km so I would end my walk on a good note. But today thats pretty much the only positive I could take out this walk. I am pretty disheartened that I couldnt even get 20km non stop out.
total time for 21 = 2:08:16

21km out and back

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